Conference Proceedings

Large Fires Conference Proceedings Submission Guidelines
Everyone who presented a poster or oral presentation has the option of publishing in the conference proceedings, which will be published by the Rocky Mountain Research Station and made available as a printed copy or online. If you intend to submit your talk or poster as an abstract, extended abstract, or full paper for the proceedings and have not yet contacted Bob Keane, you must email him at by June 13 to be considered.  The deadline to submit manuscripts has not been extended; they are still due to Bob Keane by July 1, 2014.

NOTE: Conference abstracts for poster or oral presentations submitted to the website will NOT appear in the proceedings. 
 If you want your abstract to appear in the proceedings you must submit it to Bob Keane separately before July 1, 2014.
All Manuscripts due by July 1, 2014

Manuscripts can be submitted as an abstract, extended abstract, or full paper. Abstracts should be less than 500 words and contain no references, tables or figures.  Abstracts submitted online will NOT be used for publication because many are too short. Extended abstracts are approximately 3-5 pages in length (around 1000-1500 words) and may contain references, figures and tables.  A full paper is no longer than 20 pages (5000 words) including references, figures, and tables.

All submissions must follow the RMRS guidelines for format, style, citations, tables and figures.  Please read the guidelines on this website and review your manuscript to ensure that the format is correct.  Be especially careful about the headers, citations, and references.  Common mistakes are:

  • Using “et al.” instead of “and others”
  • Using the percent sign % instead of the word “percent”
  • Using slang units instead of SI (ft/sec instead of ft sec-1)
  • Inconsistent units within text (alternate between English and metric)

Remember to create separate files for tables, figures, and references.  We suggest you use the following convention: NNNNN_XXX_YYY.doc

Where NNNNN is your last name; XXX denotes whether it is an abstract (abs), extended abstract (ebs), or paper (pap); and YYY signifies whether it is the manuscript text file (text), tables (tab), figure captions (fcap), or references (ref).  So, tomback_ebs_text.doc is Diana Tomback’s manuscript text file for an extended abstract.  If you have more than one submission, then use your name and a number (e.g., tomback1_ebs_text.doc).   Remember the following:

  • Have all figures as separate files in high resolution format (300 dpi or greater)
  • Have a separate file for figure captions.
  • Put a caption at the top of each table.

All abstracts, extended abstracts, and papers must be peer-reviewed by at least two people prior to submission and the manuscript must be revised based on reviewer comments.  Senior authors must identify all reviewers and their contact information in the submission email and they must save the review comments in case there is an inquiry until after the proceedings are published.

Your final edited manuscript can be emailed to Bob Keane ( by July 1, 2014 BUT only if the entire set of files is less than 5 MB.  If more than 5 MG, then send Bob Keane an email and he will give you a ftp site for submission.

Download the Rocky Mountain Research Station Guidelines for Preparing Symposium Proceedings

Download the Rocky Mountain Research Station Guide for Citing Bibliographic References