Poster Presentations


Abrahamson, Ilana, Science writer/ecologist, FireCenter at University of Montana and Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) at Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory: “Fire Regime Syntheses in the Fire Effects Information System (FEIS)”

Opoku Agyemang, Sandra (M. Sc.): “Fire in the Afram Headwaters Forest Reserve, Ghana: Causes, Occurences and Management Interventions”

Amato, Sam, Mr, Fire Application Specialist, Widland Fire Management Research Development and Application Program: “Fire Perimeter Delineation and Reconstruction from Geo-referenced Photographs using Google Earth Pro”

Amato, Victoria, Natural Resource Planner/Project Manager, SWCA Environmental Consultants: “Effects of Fire Severity on Herbaceous Vegetation Recovery, following a Southwest Ponderosa Pine Wildfire.”

Atkinson, Tyson: “Objectifying ‘Steep, Rugged, Inaccessible Terrain’ for Fire Management”

Bailey, Cody D.: “The effects of the non-native laurel wilt disease on crown fuels”

Baranovskiy Nikolay V.: “Mathematical Simulation of the Impact of Forest Fire on Typical Soils in Russia”

Baranovskiy, Nikolay V.: “Forest fuel ignition by focused sunrays”

Barbero, Renaud, PhD, Post-doc, University of Idaho: “Projections of megafire probabilities over the continental United States using weather and climate forcing”

Barnes, Devon: “Evaluating Sprinkler Efficacy for Wildland Fire Protection Programs in Fairbanks, Alaska”

Birch, Donovan, Research Assistant, University of Idaho: “Daily Fire Weather And Environmental Factors Influencing Burn Severity Of 42 Forest Fires In Central Idaho And Western Montana, 2005-2007 And 2011”

Booth, Emily, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Texas at Austin: “Understanding Post-Wildfire Vegetation Trajectories in Pine-Oak Woodlands”

Bowman-Prideaux, Chris, Graduate Student, University of Idaho: “The Effectiveness Of Post-fire Rehabilitation At Altering Fire Return Intervals In The Sagebrush Steppe”

Butler, Bret, Research Scientist, US Forest Service: “Clearing distances for power and communications infrastructure”

Butler, Benjamin: “An Investigation of LandScan Suitability for Strategic Decision Making in the Wildland Fire Decision Support System”

Chappell, Linda; Fire Ecologist, Fishlake & Dixie National Forests: “How Much is Enough? 20 years of Programmatic Vegetation Monitoring on the Fishlake National Forest”

Christianson, Amy, PhD, Fire Social Scientist, Natural Resources Canada (Canadian Forest Service): “Aboriginal Wildfire Evacuation Partnership”

Conrad, Elliott T.: “Relationship between leaf water status and flammability of lodgepole pine foliage”

Dickinson, Matthew B.: “Coincident Ground, Airborne, and Satellite Measurements of Fire Radiated Power ”

Leyshon, Nicola, Graduate Research Assistant, California Polytechnic State University: “Does an Expanding WUI Actually Increase Risk of Residential Loss?”

Drury, PhD,Stacy A , Senior Fire Ecologist, Sonoma Technology Inc: “The AFTEERS Project: Motivation, Objectives, and Results ”

Dubrowin, Damien, Mr: “Fire Management Planning – An Australian Perspective”

Duhnkrack, Jesse: “Impacts of Large Wildfires on Units within the Intermountain Region of the National Park Service”

Eidenshink, Jeff, PhD, Fire Science Team Leader, USGS EROS: “Forecasting Distribution of Numbers of Large Fires ”

Eisele, Bob: “Large Fires in San Diego County, California”

Ewell, Carol M., Ecologist, USFS AMSET: “Fire Behavior Assessment Team (FBAT) – Measurements from Active Wildfires”

Ewell, Carol M., Ecologist, USFS: “Fire Management Lessons Learned – Evolving Fire Management Programs”

Ford, Paulette, PhD, Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station: Landscape-scale patterns of fire and drought in eight High Plains states, USA

Fornwalt, Paula, Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station: “Characterizing Spatial Tree Regeneration Patterns Following Large Wildfires In Ponderosa Pine – Dominated Forests”

French, Diane, M.A. Candidate, Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS): “Forest Jihad?: The Threat of Religious-Inspired Pyro-Terrorism in U.S. Forests and Abroad”

Frost, Scott, MS Forestry, Utah State University, Department of Wildland Resources: Mitigating the potential for large fires—an investigation of fuel treatment alternatives at Army Garrison Camp Williams

Garrett, Benjamin: “Examining Airborne Infrared Fire Detection Data in the Context of Fire Severity”

Gerweck, Deanna: “Examining the Effect of Environmental Change in Determining Fire Evacuee’s Responses to Natural Disasters”

Gibos, Kelsy IMT Fire Behaviour Specialist, Country Fire Authority: “Bushfire Behaviour Predictive Services in Victoria, Australia”

Gray, Robert, Fire Ecologist, R.W. Gray Consulting, Ltd.: “A Tale of Two Fires – the Relative Effectiveness of Past Wildfires in Mitigating Wildfire Behavior and Effects”

Gray, Laura, Fire Ecologist, Dixie and Fishlake National Forests: ” A comparison of wildfire effects on two ponderosa pine sites between 7,500 and 9,000-foot elevation on the Dixie National Forest in southern Utah”

Hamby, Gregory: “Long-term Growth and Mortality of Residual Ponderosa Pine in Masticated Stands Treated with Prescribed Fire”

Hamilton, Dale A, MS, Professor of Computer Science, Northwest Nazarene University and US Forest Service WFMRD&A: “Mapping Landscape Fire Frequency for Fire Regime Condition Class”

Hammond, Darcy, Graduate Research Assistant, Mississippi State University, Department of Forestry: “Sapling Bark Allocation of Southeastern U.S. Hardwood Species in a Frequently Burned Pine-Oak-Hickory Ecosystem”

Hann, Wendel, J., PhD, Landscape Fire Ecologist, University of Idah and US Forest Service RD&A: “Evaluating Landscape Wildland Fire and Fuel Management Effectiveness with Modeling and Validation: An Initial Investigation”

Hoff, Valentijn, GIS Analyst, FireCenter, The University of Montana: “An analysis of the severity patch distribution of subsequent fires on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon”

Hoffman, Chad: “Development and Evaluation of the Physics-based WIldland-Urban Interface Fire Dynamics Simulator”

Holden, Zachary A., Scientist, US Forest Service and University of Montana: We have developed an open source interactive web server called TOPOFIRE (, designed as the next generation of the Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS). Topofire integrates NASA remote sensing and climate products into a decision sup

Hood, Sharon, Ecologist, University of Montana: “Low-Severity Fire Increases Tree Defense from Mountain Pine Beetle”

Hyde, Josh, Research and Instructional Associate, University of Idaho: “A comparison of LANDFIRE fuel representation systems and their application in estimating fire effects across landscapes”

Hyde, Josh, Research and Instructional Associate, University of Idaho: “Training Tools for Smoke Management in the FRAMES Emissions and Smoke Portal”

Ingalsbee, Timothy Ph.D., Executive Director, Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology (FUSEE): “A ‘Leopoldian’ Fire Ethic to Empower Ecological Fire Management”

Innes, Robin J.: “Fire Effects Information System: Now spatially searchable”

Johnson, Morris: “Vegetation structure of fuel treatments alters fire severity in the wildland-urban interface”

Johnson, Morris: “Fuel treatment prescriptions alter spatial patterns of fire severity around the wildland-urban interface during the Wallow Fire, Arizona, USA”

Johnston, Kayla, Master’s Program Student, Humboldt State University: “Intraspecific variation in climate- and fire-related functional traits among northwestern California tree species: a preliminary analysis”

Kent, Kevin , NAU: “Algorithmic Inventorying of Snags in Post Fire Environments Using Remote Sensing Techniques”

Keyser, Alisa, UC Merced: “Predicting High Severity Fire Occurrence and Area Burned in a Changing Climate for Three Regions in the Western US.”

Kooistra, Chad, PhD Candidate, University of Idaho Conservation Social Sciences Department: “Post-Wildfire Landscape Recovery: Perspectives from Remotely Sensed Images and Social Science Data”

Kreye, Jesse, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Mississippi State University: “Pine cones facilitate ignition of forest floor duff”

Kreye, Jesse, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Mississippi State University: “Spatial and temporal variability of forest floor duff moisture: autocorrelation and scales of importance”

Kropp, Rachael: “The relationship between foliar chemistry and heat content of live wildland fuels”

Lanier, Sam: “From Sensor to Incident Commander, The Silver Fire 2013”

Lasher, Trevor: “The effects of air entrainment on the burning rate of foliage from Mountain Pine Beetle-attacked trees”

Leonard, Steve, PhD, Research Fellow, La Trobe University: “Ecological refuges in large wildfires: unburnt patches in the Kilmore East-Murrindindi fire area, Victoria, Australia.”

Loewe M., Verónica: “Creation and implementation of a certification system for insurability and fire risk classification for forest plantations, to improve sectorial asymmetries and raise competitiveness of small and medium companies (SMEs)”

Long, Donald: “The LANDFIRE 2010 Update: An Overview”

Lynch, Ann M., PhD., Research Entomologist, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station: “Spruce-Fir Colonization Following a High-Severity Fire in 1685 in Southern Arizona”

McHugh, Charles W. , Fire Spatial Analyst, Rocky Mountain Research, Fire Fuels and Smoke Program, Missoula Fire Science Laboratory.: Strategic Operations Planning – It’s not just for wilderness anymore

McNeil, Richard, Little Bear Fire, Hazardous fuel treatment, New Mexico: “Little Bear Fire: Pre-Fire Hazardous Fuel Treatment Effectiveness ”

Meng, Ran , PhD candidate, University of Utah: “Study of vegetation regeneration in post-disturbance environment in Sierra Nevada region of California by remote sensing method”

Merschel, Andrew, Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University: “Variability in Growth Climate Relationships in Mixed-conifer Forests of Central Oregon and Response to Fire Exclusion with Implications for Climate Change”

Mietkiewicz, Nathan, Ph .D. Student, Clark University: “Spruce beetle legacies on fuel loads in the southern Rocky Mountains, CO.”

Miller, Kristen, Graduate Research Assistant, Mississippi State University: “The Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils: One voice for preserving the ecological role of fire ”

McWethy, David, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Montana State University: “Assessing Lebanon’s wildfire potential in association with current and future climatic conditions”

MontBlanc, Eugenie: “Great Basin Fire Science Delivery”

Nuss, Meagan L., MS, Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University: “The “Great Hope”: Bioenergy in Eastern Oregon and Its Implications for Dry Forest Restoration”

Nuss, Meagan L., MS, Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University: “The “Great Hope”: Bioenergy in Eastern Oregon and Its Implications for Dry Forest Restoration”

Osei-Kwarteng,Eric( Mr.), Department of Agroforestry, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST), Kumasi-GHANA: “Assessing impacts of climate change and human population growth on forest fire potential in the tropics: A case study of the Tain II Forest Reserve in Ghana”

Peterson, Birgit, Scientist, ASRC Federal InuTeq, Contractor to USGS EROS: “Enhanced Canopy Fuel Mapping through Integration of Lidar Data”

Peterson, David W., PhD, Research Forester, PNW Research Station, U.S. Forest Service: “Snag Dynamics Following Stand-Replacing Wildfires in Dry Coniferous Forests of the Pacific Northwest”

Piper, Renee: “Fire and Fuels Management Tech Transfer and Training: Why Blended Learning is the only way to go”

Poling, Megan: “Effects of a First-Entry Prescribed Burn in Southwestern Mixed Conifer ”

Ramirez, Joaquin: “Supporting strategic and tactical wildfire decisions with operational simulations”

Reed, Warren P, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Forestry, Mississippi State University: “Synthesis and Assessment of Mastication as a Fuels Reduction Treatment from 2000 to present”

Robinne, François-Nicolas: “A spatial analysis of wildfire risk to Alberta’s drinking-water supply”

Rocca, Monique E., PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Colorado State University: “Forest Cover After the High Park Fire: Landscape-scale Restoration or Novel Vegetation Pattern?”

Schoeffler,Fred J.: “Fire Weather Associated with the New Mexico (USA) June 2012 Little Bear Fire”

Senneff, Zachary: “Leaf Litter Flammability of Eastern Deciduous Forests Species”

Shedd, Justin, Fire GIS Specialist, North Carolina State University: “Prescribed Fire Impacts on the South Florida Landscape”

Silverstein, Robin P., Ecologist, College of Forestry and Conservation, University of Montana: “Predicting Smoke: Spatial Analysis of Fuel Loadings at the National Level”

St. Clair, Tom: “Modeling Large Fire Growth Potential in the Alaskan Taiga”

Stevens-Rumann, Camille, Graduate Student, University of Idaho: “Forest recovery and trajectory in dry mixed conifer forests following bark beetle outbreaks and wildfires”

Strand, Eva: “Sensitivity to Scale and Fire Regime Inputs in Deriving Fire Regime Condition Class”

Tiller, Michael, Graduate Student, Stephen F. Austin State University: “Burn Severity Assessment of the Bastrop Fire Complex using Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio”

Vaillant, Nicole, PhD: “ArcFuels10 – An ArcMap toolbar for fuels management planning”


Vogler, Kevin, Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University, Sustainable Biomass Supply from Fuel Reduction Treatments: A Biomass Assessment of Federally Owned Land in Eastern Oregon: Sustainable Biomass Supply from Forest Health and Fire Hazard Reduction Treatments: A Biomass Assessment of Federally Owned Land in Eastern Oregon

Vosburgh, Mark: “Journalism for Scientists”

Wall, Tamara U: “Extremes in Fire – The Intersection of Climate, Fuels and People”

Weill, Alexandra, UC Davis: “Comparative Modeling of Fire Activity in Mediterranean Shrublands”

Wells, Ashley , Research Assistant, University of Idaho: “Multidecadal trends in burn severity and patch size, 1900-2007, ”

Wilkin, Kate, Phd Candidate, University of California at Berkeley: “The natural trade-offs of reducing chaparral fire risk”

Wolfson, Barbara Satink, Northern Arizona University School of Forestry: “The Southwest Fire Science Consortium: A growing opportunity in fire science and management.”

Wright, Molly C.: “The impacts of wildfire on population dynamics of amphibians in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.”