AFE Awards

AFE is now accepting nominations for the following awards:

Association for Fire Ecology will be awarding our three Lifetime Achievement Awards and our two Student Excellence Awards at this event.  We will be accepting nominations from now through March 14, 2014.  You must be a current AFE member to submit a nomination.  Learn more about the nomination process.

The Stoddard Award is specific to those in the Eastern US, and is named after the long-time prescribed fire advocate for longleaf pine management, Herbert Stoddard, Sr. Any active AFE or SAFE member can submit a nomination for this award.  Past Stoddard Award winners include: Lane Green, Dr. William Patterson, Dr. Bill Boyer, Dr. Alan J. Long, Dr. Edward R. Buckner, Dr. David H. Van Lear, and Dale D. Wade.

The Biswell Award for is given to individuals whose primary work environment was in the western United States is named after Harold Biswell, a longtime faculty member at the University of California-Berkeley.  Past Biswell Award winners include: Dr. Jan van Wagtendonk, Dr. Steve Bunting, Dr. James K. Agee, Dr. Leon neuenshwander, Robert W. Mutch, Dr. Bruce M. Kilgore, Dr. Stephen F. Arno, and Dr. Robert E. Martin.

The Wright Award honors work done in the field of fire ecology in the grasslands and shrublands ecosystems, and is named after Henry Wright of Texas Tech University.  This new award was first given in 2012 to Dr. David M. Engle.

As well, Student Excellence awards are presented each year, the Harold Weaver Undergraduate Student Excellence Award and the Edward Komarek Graduate Student Excellence Award.  Awards are given to students who are active members of recognized SAFE chapters and who demonstrate superior academic achievement and involvement in fire related research and activities.  Recent winners include Kristen Miller, Daniel Godwin, Jena Ferrarese, Micah-John Beierle, and Dr. Adam Watts.  A full listing of winners can be found on AFE’s website.